Talk with Your Hands?

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Fujitsu Smart Ring Lets User ‘Write’ in the Air
eWeek (01/13/15) Jeffrey Burt

Fujitsu Laboratories recently demonstrated a prototype for a ring-type computing device that would enable users to “write” words in the air and select menu items without physically touching a device. The researchers say the wearable technology would enable users to work hands-free. “Because operators do not need to hold devices in their hands to receive information in the field, there are especially high expectations for the use of such wearable devices in fieldwork for which operators need use of their hands at all times,” says a Fujitsu official. Fujitsu has designed the smart ring to make use of such technologies as a near-field communications tag reader, motion sensors, Bluetooth Low Energy, and a sensor-processing microcontroller that helps map the gestures of the user’s hand. A mobile device with Bluetooth that is running an app from Fujitsu can track the hand motion and understand what the user is doing. The technology has a recognition accuracy rate of about 95 percent for numbers, and Fujitsu expects to commercialize the technology in 2016.
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