Generator’s sewing workshop in Burlington, Vermont is equipped with a mini sewing studio & provided workspace and equipment necessary for a single sewer.

Generator members who utilize the sewing workshop space include clothing designers, textile artists, bag makers, and sculptors.

Tool Inventory

Gain Access

1. Get certified

Generator members need to go through one of Generator’s safety trainings and/or classes before gaining access to our facility.

We suggest getting trained before becoming a member so that once you join, you can get right to work (instead of joining and then waiting for your desired tool trainings to come up on our calendar).

Those with previous experience may be eligible for an Experienced User Assessment.

Get Certified

2. Become a Generator member

Once you’re certified in your equipment of choice, you can become a Generator member and access the space and equipment during our open hours (except for certain holidays and during Generator’s class times, marked on a shared calendar).

Become a Member


Tool Trainings & Classes

To use Wood Shop equipment

  1. become a Generator member
  2. get certified through our tool trainings & classes, or through an Experienced User Assessment (EUA).

Local Suppliers

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