Dan Harvey


Dan Harvey is the director of operations for UVM’s Vice President for Research, as well as the assistant dean of the graduate college. Harvey arrived at UVM in 2005 after a twenty-year broadcasting career at Vermont PBS. He currently serves as the president of Generator’s board of directors, and he also serves on the boards of Burlington City Arts and BTV Ignite.

Dave Gurtman

Vice President

Dave Gurtman is a business lawyer at Dinse, Knapp & McAndrew in Burlington. His practice focuses on representing entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses and renewable energy projects. He can often be found late at night on the ice playing hockey with his pals or tinkering with model rockets in his basement with his two sons.

Ryan Black-Deegan

Treasurer & Finance Committee Chair

Ryan Black-Deegan is a CPA and has been working in Public Accounting since 2010. Ryan practices at Davis & Hodgdon Associates and experienced with helping businesses, individuals, and non-profits with their tax and accounting needs. Ryan’s personal and professional lives have both revolved around taking things apart to see if they can be put together in a more efficient way, and he’s always happy to apply that passion to new projects.

Denise Shekerjian


Denise Shekerjian is an attorney and writer. She is the author of Uncommon Genius, a look at creativity based on a group of MacArthur Prize winners. She is also the author of literary essays, a blog, and short stories. She is a longtime supporter of arts and education and has longstanding friendships with BCA and Champlain College.

Steve Conant

Safety Committee Chair

Steve Conant is serial maker who’s built a fun business to support his habit. Since establishing Conant Metal & Light, manufacturer and retailer of custom metalwork in 1980, Steve has helped Burlington’s “South End” grow and flourish. Steve chaired the SEABA board for years and currently serves on the board of ReSOURCE. His small business incubator complex, The Soda Plant, provides affordable space for makers to hatch and grow.

Justin McCabe

Governance Committee Chair

Justin McCabe is General Counsel for OnLogic, Inc. – a premier industrial computer manufacturer located in South Burlington, VT.  Prior to joining OnLogic, Justin was an intellectual property partner whose law practice had a heavy focus on assisting start-up ventures and entrepreneurs. When he’s not working as a lawyer, he can usually be found building maple sap evaporators or reverse osmosis units for his family’s start-up venture, the Vermont Evaporator Company, located in Montpelier, VT.

Laurie Quinn

Education Committee Chair

Laurie Quinn is President of the Stern Center for Language and Learning, an education-focused nonprofit dedicated to learning for all, based in Williston, Vermont. Dr. Quinn came to Vermont in 2014 and served in leadership roles including Senior Vice President/Chief Academic Officer and Interim President at Champlain College. Previously, she was Vice President for Academic Affairs at Granite State College in the University System of New Hampshire. Laurie has worked as a college faculty member teaching writing and literature, and as a program director and grants officer. She has written about leadership in education; issues of social class in literary studies and in the broader culture; higher education trends including online learning and innovative curricula that link theory to practice; feminist theory; and poetry. Dr. Quinn earned her Ph.D. at the University of New Hampshire and her B.A. and M.A. at Boston College. Laurie is an advocate for increasing everyone’s access to their learning superpowers, and strives to be a champion for the manifestation of powerful ideas into practical reality.

John Cohn

John Cohn is the IBM Fellow at the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab in Cambridge, Ma.  John is active in education issues at a local, state and national level. He is so passionate about promoting STEM careers that he spent 59 days living and inventing in an abandoned steel mill as part of Discovery Channel’s technical survival show “The Colony”.  John lives with his family in a restored 19th-century schoolhouse in Jonesville Vermont and is eager to share his love of science and technology with anyone who will listen.

Chris Thompson

Chris Thompson is an artist, curator, former Executive Director of Generator and life-long maker.  He staged over 80 exhibitions as curator at both Burlington’s BCA Center and the Champlain College Art Gallery and was awarded an Andy Warhol Foundation grant.   Chris’s artwork, inspired by data-visualization and algorithms has been featured in exhibitions, publications and lectures. Before becoming an artist Chris spent over twenty years in corporate technology management, including Chief Technology Officer for Gardner’s Supply Corporation, and Director of Advanced Technology for Jager Di Paola Kemp Design, creators of the Burton and Xbox brands.

Erika Schramm

Erika Schramm is a coach and consultant with 20 years of human resources and leadership experience. She is passionate about helping people and teams be their best as they lead full, balanced and purposeful lives. Prior to becoming a coach and consultant, Erika was Human Resources Director and member of the Executive Leadership Team for Vermont Energy Investment Corporation and Northern Power Systems. In addition, she is an active member in her community, volunteering on a number of Boards and in her kids’ school and cub scout troop. Erika has a degree in Industrial and Labor Relations through Cornell University and is a certified professional coach. In all aspects of her life, she is committed to helping people, teams and organizations develop, grow and thrive. When she’s not working or volunteering, you can find Erika running, hiking, biking, boating, doing yoga, cooking and going on adventures with her two sons (ages 8 and 10) and husband. She is proud to call Vermont home and loves exploring and contributing to her community.

Lee Bouyea

Lee Bouyea is a Managing Director at FreshTracks Capital, a seed & early stage venture capital firm focused on investing in Vermont-based businesses.  Bouyea’s professional background includes marketing, product and business development expertise working for eBay, Nextel Communications and Pacific Marketing Associates.  Lee was also an early employee at the venture-backed e-commerce startup Ebates, which was acquired by Tokyo-based Rakuten for $1Bn in 2014.

Michael Metz

Michael Metz is a materials scientist, a business consultant in precious metals technology and electronic materials, a photographer, and an active board member of BCA, The BCA Foundation, the Vermont Community Foundation, and Generator where he is a founding board member. Michael also serves on the advisory board of Spectrum’s social enterprise: Detail Works. He has extensive non-profit experience, served as the chair of two successful multimillion-dollar capital campaigns in Burlington, and has a long-standing interest in art, education, and technology. Michael received his undergraduate degree from Middlebury College and his MBA from Columbia University.

Karen Freeman

Karen is the Conservation Director for the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board, a statewide funder of conservation, working lands, affordable housing and community development projects and capacity building throughout the state. She is the President/Founder of SeamWorks, working to enhance Vermont’s community and production sewing ecosystems, and is involved supporting other Vermont maker initiatives and facilities, including the Champlain Maker Faire and VT STEAMspace. She serves on the boards of the Montpelier Foundation and Friends of Dog Mountain, and is a cellist in the Vermont Philharmonic Orchestra.

Bill Gottesman

Bill Gottesman is a science hobby enthusiast. He has a broad range of hobby interests in engineering, physics, and mathematics, and is active in the local maker movement. Bill currently makes and designs sundials. His work can be found at ECHO and the Burlington Earth Clock. Bill also designed a downloadable sundial specifically for the 2017 North American solar eclipse (eclipsesundial.com). More recently, Bill built and installed a prototype telescope for viewing the North Star in the daytime on the back porch of ECHO. Before changing careers, Bill practiced family medicine in Burlington.

Tim Volk

Tim Volk is a business leader with more than 30 years broad-based consumer marketing experience in hospitality, energy, financial services, telecommunications, and professional services. He served as partner and president of Kelliher Samets Volk (now KSV) for 25 years and today serves as a strategic advisor to the next generation of ownership. Tim serves on the board of directors for several companies, including Danforth Pewter and Virtual Peaker. He also has served many non-profits as a board member and board chair, including the Vermont Business Roundtable and the Vermont Community Foundation. Tim is always happy to give back to the next generation of leaders and innovators by sharing the insights he has gained across his work and personal life.

Joseph Williams

Joseph Williams was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. After high school, he attended Texas A&M University from 1998-2003, where he received a Bachelor’s of Science in Bioenvironmental Science. In March of 2004, Williams enlisted in the Navy as an Information System Technician as a way to help pay off student loans and started his journey to learn about computers. Joe had the opportunity to travel the world in the Navy and work with many great leaders and peers. After over seven years of active duty in the Navy, Williams decided to try his luck in the civilian world. He started taking classes towards his Master’s in Education at Old Dominion University in Virginia in the spring of 2009 and transferred to online classes when he moved to Vermont. He started looking for jobs in the Burlington area and applied for the Team Leader position at the Leahy Center. He was offered the position and moved to Burlington full-time. He’s been with the Leahy Center ever since now as Director.

Trish Anderson

Trish is a highly skilled results-driven human resources professional with over 15 + years of work experience in fast-paced technology and startup environments gained at multiple tech companies from startups to large organizations. Outside of the generator Trish can be found tackling a DIY, reading, gardening or exploring Vermont with her family.

Bianca Roa

Bianca Roa is the Hospitality Experience Operations Manager for the Ben & Jerry’s Waterbury Factory. Her time as the Development & Communications Manager at the Lake Champlain Community Sailing Center honed her expertise in philanthropy, storytelling, and event management. She is deeply passionate about creating positive social impact and building diverse communities where everyone can feel welcome. When not digging into a pint of her favorite ice cream, she is an avid reader, theater nerd, and all around lover of the art and media.

List of Board Members Emeritus: Christy Mitchell, Jessica Lasher, Owen Milne, Pauline Law, Peter Owens