Generator’s tool trainings & shop classes in Burlington, VT has over 12,500 square feet of space filled with specialty tools and high-end manufacturing equipment for members to dream, design, and build. These include various tool training classes on woodworking, metal working, rapid prototyping & 3D printing, jewelry making, sewing, electronics, and more!

Generator’s Tool Trainings are open to both members and the general public. They serve as in introduction to the safe and proper use of a tool or shop. They must be taken successfully before members can access the tool or shop independently. Some tool trainings (such as CNC Router, Welding and Machining) are not run as often and can be requested HERE.

Tool Trainings are different from Workshops in that they mainly cover tool operations and are not able to cover the techniques for each tool in depth. To learn more about techniques, or specific products, check out our Workshops Page or request a Private Lesson. To see a calendar view of all of our events and educational offerings, click HERE.

Questions regarding Generator’s educational offerings can be emailed to our Program Coordinator.

Please note: For some advanced tool trainings a prerequisite is required. Trainings with a prerequisite will be noted with an asterisk (*) next to the title. Please see the description for details.

To see trainings for a specific shop, click the “Show” button below and select the desired shop.