Josie Bunnell - Artist in Residence - Winter 2022


Raphaella Brice - Artist in Residence - Quarter 4, 2021


Rebecca Schwarz - Artist in Residence - Quarter 3, 2021


"The Maker Exchange," by Kat Clear. March/April Maker in Residence


Cowsheet paper, Peace Paper Project, August/September 2018 Maker in Residence


Next Application Period: August 29th to September 30 2022
(For Winter 2022 & Spring 2023 Residencies)

Generator offers artists, designers, and other creative weirdos a $500 materials stipend, up to $600 credit in Tool Trainings, a studio, and 4 months access to its state-of-the-art facility in downtown Burlington, Vermont.

The program supports ambitious artists in pursuit of their creative and social impact-driven projects.

Artists receive:

– 4 months free membership (valued at $95/month)

– a 7’x8′  studio for 3 months (valued at $175/month)

– a $500 material stipend

– up to $600 credit in Tool Trainings

– 77 hour/week access to fully equipped metal, wood, jewelry, micro-electronics, sewing and rapid-prototyping facilities(after requisite tool trainings, of course)

– access to a collaborative and skilled hivemind of 400+ Generator members made up of engineers, developers, artists, professionals, and entrepreneurs

* Housing is not provided

Artists in Residence:

– are able to take the appropriate trainings a month in advance of their residency period in order to make the most of their residency

– work independently

– work onsite as much as possible to realize their project and to build community at Generator

– provide a narrative description of their project and photos of themselves and/or their past work prior to their residency, as well as a residency report and 3-10 images of their project and process one week of the completion of their residency

organize summary of their project at a public event (COVID-19 dependent) presented with Generator support

Application & Selection

Applications are open in March for the Summer and Fall residencies and in September for the Winter and Spring residencies. The application can be found below.

Next Application Period: August 29th to September 30 2022 (For Winter 2022 & Spring 2023 Residencies)

Applicants will be informed of their acceptance or denial by the end of April/October.

Residency Timeframe:

  • Summer Residency
    • Membership (Jun. – Sept.)
    • Studio Occupancy (Jul. – Sept.)
  • Fall Residency
    • Membership (Sept. – Dec.)
    • Studio Occupancy (Oct. – Dec.)
  • Winter Residency
    • Membership (Dec. – Mar.)
    • Studio Occupancy (Jan. – Mar.)
  • Spring Residency
    • Membership (Mar. – Jun.)
    • Studio Occupancy (Apr. – Jun.)

Our selection committee consists of a Generator staff member, the current Artist-in-Residence and at least 2 other individuals invested in the Burlington art scene.

 Please email Sam Graulty with any questions.



The Vermont Community Foundation

Physician’s Computer Company (PCC)

Vermont Arts Council

Past Artists in Residence