Juli Badics

Artist-In-Residence Fall 2023


Raphaella Brice

Artist-In-Residence Fall 2022


Josie Bunnell

Artist-In-Residence Winter 2022


Clay Mohr

Artist-In-Residence Fall 2018

Applications For Summer & Fall 2024 Residencies Are Now Closed!


Generator offers artists, designers, and other creative makers a $500 materials stipend, up to $400 credit in Tool Trainings, a studio, and 4 months access to its state-of-the-art facility in downtown Burlington, Vermont. The program supports ambitious artists in pursuit of their creative and social impact-driven projects.

Selected Artists Receive:

  • 4 Months of Free Membership
  • 3 Months of Free Studio Rental
  • a $500 Materials Stipend
  • a $400 Tool Training Credit
  • 77 hour/week access to fully equipped metal, wood, jewelry, micro-electronics, sewing and rapid-prototyping facilities (after requisite tool trainings)
  • access to a collaborative and skilled hivemind of 300+ Generator members made up of engineers, developers, artists, professionals, and entrepreneurs
  • opportunity to organize and host (in consultation with Generator staff) an event that is open to the public and highlights their work.
  • Housing is not provided

Artist Expectations:

  • Artists-in-Residence are expected to take the appropriate trainings during their month of membership preceding their residency period.
  • Artists-in-Residence are expected to use their stipends for educational opportunities at Generator and materials.
  • Artists-in-Residence are expected to work onsite as much as possible to realize their project and to build community at Generator.
  • Artists-in-Residence are expected to host one “Open Studio” session during their studio occupancy.
  • Allow Generator to photograph artist and their work (to be used in marketing materials, social media posts, development/fundraising initiatives, etc.)

Application & Selection

Applications are open in February for the Summer and Fall residencies and in August for the Winter and Spring residencies. Applicants will be informed of their acceptance or denial by the end of April/October. The application can be found below.

Residency Timeframe:

  • Summer Residency
    • Membership (Jun. – Sept.)
    • Studio Occupancy (Jul. – Sept.)
  • Fall Residency
    • Membership (Sept. – Dec.)
    • Studio Occupancy (Oct. – Dec.)
  • Winter Residency
    • Membership (Dec. – Mar.)
    • Studio Occupancy (Jan. – Mar.)
  • Spring Residency
    • Membership (Mar. – Jun.)
    • Studio Occupancy (Apr. – Jun.)

Our selection committee consists of a Generator staff member, the current Artist-in-Residence and at least 2 other individuals invested in the Burlington art scene.

Please email [email protected] with any questions.

Applications For Summer & Fall 2024 Residencies Are Now Closed!

Generator’s Artist-In-Residence program is made possible with support from:

The Vermont Community Foundation

Physician’s Computer Company (PCC)

Vermont Arts Council

Past Artists-in-Residence