Advanced Tool Trainings

Advanced Tool Trainings are specialized trainings—offered only by request—that supplement Generator’s standard tool trainings. Each session focuses on a specific tool that requires knowledge beyond what’s provided in our standard trainings in order to be operated safely & effectively.

Tools that require advanced training include:

  • TIG Welder
  • MIG Welder
  • Oxy-Acetylene Torch
  • CNC Plasma
  • Vertical Mill
  • Machine Lathe
  • Wood Lathe
  • 4-Axis CNC

Advanced Tool Trainings are offered by request only, and most have prerequisites. When a request for an advanced training is made, the appropriate instructors are contacted to schedule the training. Once a date has been selected, the training will be added to our calendar and opened to other members. Please note… Advanced trainings are not necessarily one-on-one, and it may be 3-4 weeks from the time of the request to the date of the training.

The cost and duration of Advanced Tool Trainings vary. Some can be run back-to-back during the same session. But, this is only possible for certain trainings and is ultimately up to the discretion of the instructor and Generator staff.

If you have questions about Generator’s Advanced Tool Trainings please contact Alex or Mason.

Seeking Financial Assistance?

The Vermont Student Assistance Corporation (VSAC) might be able to help you access Generator Tool Trainings at zero, or reduced, cost. The VSAC Advancement Grant offers financial assistance to Vermont residents looking to enhance their job skills and improve their employability. CLICK HERE for more information about this opportunity and instructions for how to apply!