Generator is equal parts DIY workshop, business incubator and community hub.

In addition to specialty workshops, tools, and over 11,500 square feet of workspace, membership grants you access to an active hivemind consisting of professional artists, entrepreneurs, designers, and engineers.

We’re so thrilled that you’re interested in joining us.

Not quite sure if you’re ready for membership? Take a free tour to see the space and ask questions.

Membership Tiers


$ 0

Per Month

  • Free general memberships available to Champlain and UVM students
  • Full access to shops and equipment
  • Champlain students get free orientations and 20% discount on trainings
  • All spots are filled for UVM. Get on the waitlist.

GeneralMost Popular

$ 95

Per Month

  • Participate in member meetings and events
  • Directory listing
  • Full access to shops and equipment


$ 110

Per Month

  • Two guardians and up to three children (under 18)
  • Children must be supervised at all times
  • Full access to shops and equipment (for the adults)


$ 270-295

Per Month

  • Studio Rental with a General Membership is $270 (access during business hours)
  • Studio Rental with a Pro User Membership is $295 (access from 6am to midnight)
  • Personal working studio
  • Apply now!


$ 3000

Per Year

  • Packages start at 5 employees
  • 20% discount on classes and tool trainings
  • Free orientations

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A few additional details


  • $15 Orientation Fee: One-time fee for an orientation course for all new members. Orientation is a requirement of new members. Once you sign up for membership, you will be sent a link to register for orientation.

  • Access to Equipment: Members must be trained and certified on our equipment before being allowed to use it, either through our trainings or by passing an Experienced User test with a shop head. This is to ensure your safety and the safety of our community.

  • Studio Members: one-time refundable deposit for studio rental depending on the level of access you choose.


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