Systemic racism and discriminatory policies have resulted in Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) facing greater obstacles to advancing in STEEAM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Arts, and Math). 

Generator aims to support BIPOC artists, makers, engineers, innovators, & entrepreneurs by offering BIPOC Scholarships for the next 10+ years. This community-funded initiative provides recipients with 6 months of free membership and a  $400 tool training credit – a $970 value per person.

Generator membership grants access to our six specialty workshops, hundreds of tools, and over 12,500 square feet of workspace, as well as our active hivemind of makers.

We give out $10,000 annually in scholarships to help our BIPOC community meaningfully advance their personal and professional pursuits in our makerspace.

When you contribute to our BIPOC Scholarship Fund, you create access for BIPOC in Vermont and help narrow the opportunity gaps in art, science, and entrepreneurship.

Everyone has great ideas, and great ideas can change the world. But not everyone has access.

Please join us to change this story.