Systemic racism and discriminatory policies have resulted in Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) facing greater obstacles to advancing in the arts, tech, STEM fields, and entrepreneurship.

With its BIPOC Scholarship, Generator aims to support BIPOC artists, entrepreneurs, craftspeople by providing scholarships for Generator membership, tool training, and classes that will advance their creative, business, and professional pursuits.

Scholarships include both free and reduced membership packages, maker classes, and tool trainings.

Generator membership grants access to our specialty workshops, tools, and over 12,500 square feet of workspace, as well as our active hivemind of artists, entrepreneurs, designers, and engineers.

Generator is distributing the first round of scholarships in early May 2021.

By contributing to the BIPOC Scholarship fund, you can create more opportunities for BIPOC in Vermont’s arts, sciences, entrepreneurial communities.