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Member Made: Marni’s giant laser cut ovaries

By February 17, 2019 No Comments

Laser cut ovaries at Vermont Women's MarchMarni Leikin is a Generator member and professor of digital media.

Marni schooling herself in all of our rapid prototyping tools, including the 3D printer, 4 Axis Modeling Mill, vinyl cutter, and of course the Epilog laser cutter — all to prepare for the rapid prototyping unit of her upcoming Digital Media Methodologies for Educators course at Champlain College, which will train and empower educators to bring cutting edge digital technology into the classroom.

This is one of the many awesome pieces she’s made during her practice and preparation: laser cut ovaries for the #vermontwomensmarch last month.

She says they were a major attention-grabber, and now they’re hanging down in Nutty Steph’s to help promote their chocolate vulva sales benefiting Planned Parenthood of New England.