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Iona Fox: Resident of June/July 2016

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Iona Fox

Meet Iona Fox: Generator June/July 2016 Maker in Residence


Iona Fox heard about the Maker-in-Residency through her partner Rob Rock, one of Generator’s long term members and farm tool inventor. Her endeavor to learn how to use the laser cutter was geared towards bringing a new dimension to her book covers; by end of two months she had three well crafted specimens.

I think I will use the laser a lot more in the future!

                                                             -Iona Fox

Iona has established forward momentum and is finding her work well in demand. Post her residency, she starts a comic strip for Seven Days in September 2016. One of her big challenges is scaling up and how to keep books stocked.  Iona is confident that the solution can be found through the collective knowledge shared at Generator.

After getting to know the characters at Generator, you have a better sense of who you can ask to help you with each challenge.

                                                             -Iona Fox

She has her eyes set on printing a solid run on a new book.

It would be nice to do it here(at Generator). I might make the equipment that I need,

which is only possible with time and help from members.

                                                             -Iona Fox
The Maker-in-Residence Program supplied the time and space that Iona needed. Having the ability to come and go in and out of focus on her work without stress was key to her success.