Meet Eric Roy

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Eric Roy Portrait

Meet Eric Roy


Eric Roy has worn many hats, like many creatives do. His education focused on Graphic Design / Photography / Sculpture and midway switched towards Humanities and Psych.  He spent a number of years working as a creative consultant on Film and Theater performances, working with Fine Artists looking bring their work to the marketplace, and as a freelance graphic designer.

Eric Roy started at Generator as a Volunteer and then 3 months later was granted the Maker-in-Residency.  Eric used his time in the residency to fine tune his craft of creating laser cut leather masks.

Generator was his first experience working on a laser cutter and his 2d/3d design software skills was a perfect outlet for his prior knowledge to manifest. His evolving skills facilitated him to take over teaching the rapid prototyping classes roughly 6 months after joining Generator.

He is currently the Technical Specialist at St. Michael’s College as the Administrative/Operations role as well as the more specialized Education and Curriculum support.  His experiences with Generator played a key part in obtaining this position.  His hands on learning at Generator helped steer his leadership to maximize St. Michael’s resource impact.

Eric Roy is one of Generator’s top talent and has participated in “a rising tide lifts all boats culture. Generator is a platform to help people make better and to get to their next stepping stone!