Sears Lane Relocation FAQ

By August 5, 2016 No Comments

Why is Generator moving?

Memorial Auditorium will close to the public at the end of this year; the building is potentially unsound structurally and is likely to undergo extensive renovations. Generator has had a two-year Memorandum of Understanding with the City of Burlington Parks and Recreation department that outlined a December 31, 2016 timeline for occupancy.  The City has been clear, transparent and cooperative in their planning about the future of the building and Generator has had time to prepare our relocation plan.

Where will Generator move?

Generator has signed a term sheet with Champlain College to lease space for  three to eight years in a warehouse located at 40 Sears Lane.  It is disappointing that Memorial must close, and Generator will miss the advantages of a direct partnership with the City as well as a central location. We are excited about our move to the South End Arts District, which will place us in the thick of Burlington’s creative community of entrepreneurs and artists.

What will Generator’s new home be like?

Generator will lease 8,540 sf. of a warehouse space behind Burlington Furniture Factory and just across the parking lot from Champlain’s Miller Center (where their makerlab is located). In many ways, Generator will be familiar: twenty two 8′ x 10′ studios sited around our workshops – machine, woodworking, jewelry, rapid prototyping, microelectronics and computer lab. Proposed upgrades will include a large assembly area, paint booth, enclosed classroom, kitchen and shower.

How will this move be paid for?

Generator’s board has established a capital campaign helmed by founding board chair Michael Metz and supported by Steve Conant, John Cohn, and Lars Torres. The target for this campaign is $300,000. Champlain College has committed to supporting upgrades to the building envelope including roof repair, entrances, an accessible ramp and basic services such as bathrooms. As of July 28, the campaign has reached two thirds of its goal. You can support the campaign by writing to [email protected].

What is the timeline for Generator’s move?

In December Generator will close for 30 days to relocate to 40 Sears Lane.  Between now and then, several milestones must be met, including permitting by August 15; basic envelope upgrades by September 30; electrical, mechanical, and shop buildouts by November 30; studios build and move completed by December 31. We expect to be open January 2.

Who have been Generator’s partners during Generator’s time at Memorial?

Generator’s startup  phase would not have been possible without the generous support of numerous institutional and individual champions.  Among our longest-standing allies have been the City of Burlington, Parks and Recreation, Burlington City Arts, Burlington Telecom, the University of Vermont, and Champlain College. We are grateful for every ounce of time, talent and treasure poured into this effort over the years, not least by our board, staff, volunteers, and members.