Robo-Raptor Beat More Than 1/2 of Robots!

Congratulate the Robo-Raptor Team for Their Successes!

Thank you Christine Divver Braun and Kevin Braun for your intention, creativity, positive energy and investment in these young men and all that you do!

-Misty Williams

Robo- Raptor made it home!

For a couple of years, a small and highly charged team of inventor-hacker-maker guys led by teacher duo Christine Braun and Kevin Braun have met at Burlington’s Generator makerspace to build their FIRST (FTC) robot.

And their efforts have paid off! Team RoboRaptors was invited to the spectacular FTC World Championships in Saint Louis, Missouri.Christine and Kevin Braun’s team was chosen to be 1 of 128 teams out of 5000 teams to compete. They beat more than 1/2 of the robots competing and came in 41st!!!! We are proud of this team.