Meet Menghan

Menghan Wang is Generator’s Summer 2023 Artist-In-Residence

Menghan is a Beijing-born, previously Berlin-based, and currently Vermont-based interdisciplinary artist, musician, and DJ.

Beijing to Berlin

Menghan was an active experimental musician in Beijing’s subcultural scenes and independent art communities. She performed at many China’s major electronic music venues, including The Shelter, Oil, Zhao Dai, and Yugong Yishan, as well as festivals including Audi Urban Electronics, Prajnasonic’s T.A.U.M, and BEME (Beijing Electronic Music Encounter). She was also a key member of Sinotronics label, supporting and promoting local musicians.

In 2018, Menghan moved to Berlin, Germany to study Sound Studies and Sonic Arts at Universität der Künste Berlin. She started to realize her works in more interdisciplinary ways, gaining experience in poetry, photography, videography, and installation. She exhibited and performed works including the 8-channel sound installation Gate (2019) at Berlin ACUD Macht Neu, multimedia live act Now is the Place, Here is the Time (2021) as part of Climate Care Festival at Floating University Berlin, and sound installation Silver Ripples (2022) across 6 secluded places in Berlin and 1 location at Sound Studies and Sonic Arts Master Exhibition at Collegium Hungaricum Berlin. She then moved to Vermont in late 2022.

Woodworking, Electronics, And Soon Sewing

Menghan came to Generator excited to work in a synergetic creative community. “I look forward to participating in a collaborative environment where I can exchange knowledge and ideas with other makers,” she says.

Menghan has a fundamental understanding of woodwork, metalwork, and electronics, however she is eager to expand her skill set at Generator. Menghan is especially excited about the tool training in our sewing studio, as she hopes to incorporate textile elements into her work. 

A Place-Based Proiect

During her residency, Menghan will continue a series she calls “Sounding Presentness: Resonating with the Otherworld.” 

Menghan describes Sounding Presentness as a “multidisciplinary place-based project” that draws on reflections from the recent pandemic, psychogeographical wandering, instrument design, and sound art installation. The project will address sustainability, community, and healing, and will invite our local communities to listen and share their experiences.

“As I embark on this new journey, I am eager to absorb fresh perspectives and gain knowledge from the diverse array of resources available here,” Menghan says. “Ultimately, I anticipate that this experience will infuse my work with new dimensions of meaning and depth.” 

Don’t miss Menghan’s installation of Sounding Presentness at Art Hop, September 8-9, 2023 at Generator.