Meet Max Keeling

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Meet Max Keeling


Max Keeling has been Generator’s VIP Machine Shop Head from September 2015 to September 2016. His training was well aligned for Generator as a mechanical engineer. He worked in design engineering of industrial equipment- things like air filtration machines for wood heat and power plants, water screens for fish hatcheries, and other special purpose machines.


He found Generator very intentionally before he moved to Burlington. The concept of a makerspace was no stranger, having been a member of a makerspace in Ann Arbor, Michigan before he moved. Coincidentally, he also wound up living in an apartment in Burlington right near Matt and Erik (of M//E Design), and they encouraged him to get involved right away.


To Max, the best part about being part of Generator was all the people he met, and the wide range of talents everyone possessed.

I have been doing freelance mechanical design work, and having a place to

go besides a home office has been really nice. Aside from the social aspect,

I’ve gotten the chance to get involved with other people’s projects around

the Generator and I’ve learned a lot in the process. Teaching the machine

shop classes has been a new experience for me as well, and I have enjoyed


The Generator also facilitated the continued exploration of a woodworking tool idea that Max had. He speculates that he would not have been able to move the design along without access to the space and tools at Generator. Advice and help from Generator members, especially Steve Conant (a Generator board member), was pivotal. Max is currently completing a patent for the tool with Justin McCabe, (another Board Member), and will eventually commercialize the invention.

Max will be missed at Generator as he embarks on his next adventure with his wife in Buffalo, NY. His next chapter is joining a small machining equipment company in the area, as a design engineer.

Max Keeling is one of Generator’s top talent and has participated in “a rising tide lifts all boats culture. Generator is a platform to help people make better and to get to their next stepping stone!