Hi Friend,

I’m Prince Awhaitey, the founder and CEO of Healthy Kingdom and a graduate of the JumpStart 2024 business incubator program.

I first heard about JumpStart when I was selling coconuts at the Burlington Farmers Market and met Meg Hammond, Generator’s executive director, who encouraged me to apply. Healthy Kingdom is my nutrition wellness business that provides nutrition retreats, corporate wellness, and branded coconuts for events. Over the past 3 months in JumpStart I’ve refined my business plan, constructed a coconut bike cart prototype, and optimized my laser engraving process for my coconuts.

I grew up in Ghana where fresh coconuts were a big part of our culture. Then when I was pursuing my Masters in nutrition I learned that coconuts have a wide variety of documented health benefits; including macronutrients and antioxidants that help with insulin sensitivity, high blood pressure, kidney function, and digestive health. As a community nutritionist, I was thrilled to discover that coconuts are a superfood that can make a positive impact for so many people.

Now I put a fresh spin on serving coconuts by customizing them for events. I use a laser cutter to engrave logos or words on the shell of the coconut, which have become very popular as event refreshments or promotional giveaways.

JumpStart has been hugely beneficial to my business development. It’s been so helpful to have the structure of a class and cohort of peers to provide accountability and motivation to keep moving forward. I’ve taken other business courses, but JumpStart is the only one that’s had such relevant information that I can immediately put to use for my business.

I think a lot of that is thanks to our instructor Emily Eley. Her advice is like food with good seasoning – it has spice to it! It’s never the obvious or generic response, she’s giving us well-researched, grounded, and innovative guidance.

The engineering consultation I received through JumpStart helped me to finesse my process for laser cutting my coconuts, and put me in touch with skilled metalworkers that constructed the prototype of my new coconut bike cart – complete with a freezer, sink, and awning!

Looking ahead, I want to grow my business to offer more corporate retreats and nutrition workshops. And I am especially passionate about connecting low-income communities with better nutritional options. I am hoping to become part of the USDA funded Summer Food Service Program to provide eligible families with free coconuts.

I am so grateful to Generator and the JumpStart program for providing me with the guidance and support to push my business forward and provide healthy food options to more people.

Prince Awhaitey
CEO of Healthy Kingdom

Prince… Thank you so much for the kind and thoughtful words!

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