Generator Success Story: M//E Designs

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Meet Matt Flego and Erik Cooper


Matt Flego is Generator’s oldest member.  He joined Generator as a volunteer and helped build the Generator space. Matt and Erik had the first studio at Generator. They established M//E Designs in 2011- producing handcrafted furniture and products as well as providing design services.


Generator created a very fertile environment for networking – connecting M//E to various politicians, the Mayor, local business owners, potential investors, and other like minded businessmen. Their front door facing studio got them several walk-in clients looking for 3D printing, design services, and custom fabrication. M//E stools are currently sold in Vermont and NYC. Room and Board. stools will be sold internationally in the 2017 catalog. One of many big mile markers was their participation in the ECHO Science Center Data Visualization sculpture, which was built at Generator starting in spring 2015 and installed in October 2015. Matt and Erik were featured in Seven Days, WCAX,  Reconciledit promotional video, Generator Meet the Maker, and local news networks on ECHO.

Thier growing success and contract with Room and Board confirmed their need to expand the company. In June of 2016 they moved out of Generator into the ALTernator: 388 Pine Street, Suite 3-M-1 in Burlington VT.  Matt and Erik have created a private studio to house M//E Designs, Cardboard Teck Instantute, Tim Peters and John Yasaitis- some of Generator’s rapidly expanding businesses.


Matt and Erik are the shepherds of some of Generator’s top talent and have helped foster many “graduate” success stories. Generator is a platform to help good ideas become great businesses.


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