Exclusive Opportunity To Get Support To Launch Your New Product

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Integrated Product Development MasterClass
Sept. 6 to Nov. 1 at Generator

Inventors and Entrepreneurs: If you have a product idea that you wish to take to market, or are interested in the critical aspects of new product development, this unique, university-level course is for you.

Instructor Jerrold Manock has put together an 8-week curriculum that expertly covers the fundamentals required for introducing a new product or service to market. And expert he is – Jerry has been doing Product Design Engineering since graduation from Stanford University, including working as a key member of the original Apple Macintosh Design Team.

He knows his stuff and you will too – he’s taught this class at UVM for the past 26 years, utilizing dozens of guest speakers, field trips and real-world case studies.  Interested students, please continue reading here for a Full Course Description, that includes:

– Course Outline
– Student Application
– Enrollment Information and Important Dates
– Endorsements from Former Students
– Scholarship Information

Meet with Jerry Manock to learn more about his Generator Integrated Product Development MasterClass

Jerry will be holding two (optional) Informational Sessions at Generator to help you decide if this MasterClass is for you.

Register for the free meetup here: WED, July 26th, 6-7 PM  |  WED, August 2, 6-7 PM