ECHO is getting creative around their exhibits!

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Say Hello to Generator’s New Company Member: ECHO

Jacob Mushlin is leading ECHO’s initiative to create their own exhibits.  We are excited to see which direction they take their access to tools to further other’s experiences of Marine Biology.
ECHO has a traveling exhibit hall and most of the time what’s on display has been rented.  As ECHO’s educational and interpenetrate capabilities have grown the science and aquatic center is looking to produce more of it’s own exhibits.  This fall we’re designing, fabricating and opening an exhibit called The Innovation Playground.  It’s exciting – I get to build most of the physical elements, from display cases with Generator and Alternator objects, to this carriage for part of a video game designed at Champlain College’s Emergent Media Center. ECHO is, relatively speaking, a small institution. Most science centers and museums have exhibit work shops. We don’t. So Generator is ours. We have a corporate membership and there’s no substitute for it.  I can’t tell you how valuable this wood shop, community, and organization is to what we’re doing at ECHO.
-Jacob Mushlin

ECHO is building a sweet show-puppet area fitted with a projector case, a ship’s wheel, a rocking horse, and a case for a digital piano for one of the EMC video games, AND an edgy lamp display! Jacob is already busy working on how to set up an effective display for artistic lamps.  Want to get involved in the recycled lamp competition? Get more info here.