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Artist in Residence: Estefania Puerta

By January 12, 2020 No Comments

Estefania Puerta Artist in ResidenceEstefania Puerta is an artist who insists on traversing different mediums to make works that go beyond conventions of any one genre. Identifying as an immigrant Latina woman, Puerta is deeply connected to displacement and a “sense of body” that doesn’t quite fit anywhere.

At Generator, Este worked on several pieces that will go into Sore Mouth Swore, an immersive installation that will spill from the lower level gallery of BCA and travel through the art center’s stairwell. Sore Mouth Swore utilizes poetic alliteration to reveal the challenging act of pronouncing these words in succession while addressing the persistent failures and uncertainty of language.

Evolving from spoken to visual expressions of this theme, Puerta examines the ambiguity within meaning—playing with notions of materials, media, and transformation.

The exhibition is a collaboration between Burlington City Arts and Generator. Puerta is participating in Generator’s Maker in Residence to support the creation of work for her 2020 BCA exhibition, with related performance and programming at both institutions.

Due to Covid-19, we had to cancel Estefania’s planned artist performance in our Flex Space.

In lieu of the performance, BCA facilitated a virtual artist talk which you can watch below.