2018 Pitch It, Fab It Winner

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You Will Lose Your Marbles For

This Year’s Pitch It, Fab It Winner

Generator was full of applicants and supporters of Pitch It, Fab It last week on April 18th.  There were many great pitches for innovative and fun items.  We are proud to announce that Generator member and lifelong tinkerer, Todd Taylor is the recipient of this year’s Pitch It, Fab It competition with his marble maze kits.

I’m a marketer by day and a dad to a creative 4 year old girl. She’s my Chief Inspiration Officer for the tinkering that I do at the Generator. One day last fall, she and I were playing with marbles and paper towel tubes, and inspiration struck! I started brainstorming how to make cardboard blocks and ramps that would fit together like Lego pieces. My vision is to turn this into flat-pack, pre-cut cardboard toy kits that fold and assemble into interlocking ramps for marbles. They would create a system of play that offers boundless possibilities and numerous STEM learning opportunities. The pieces would pop out of die-cut sheets and easily fold into sturdy blocks – no glue needed! Once assembled, pieces could be arranged and constructed into countless formations. And because they are made of cardboard, you could easily add your own, homemade ramp elements and chain reaction elements using found parts. Cardboard invites you to cut, glue and decorate it in your own unique way, offering a full STEAM learning experience through creative, open-ended play. I owe a big shout-out to Ben and Pete at Cardboard Teck Instantute, as well as many folks in the maker community, for the inspiration and support!

-Todd Taylor