Third Thursday Social Hour at Generator

By August 23, 2014 No Comments

IMG_20140822_124930Our Third Thursday Social Hour was a rousing success with food and drinks provided by Arts Riot, as well as talks and demos throughout the evening.

Nancy Dwyer, our outgoing Generator-In-Residence, gave a presentation about her work over the last month. She designed a font to laser cut into white blinds with a variety of phrases beginning with “This is….” The idea is that, as the sun moves across the blinds throughout the day, a shadow of the phrases will move across the room. She is going to continue working on this project throughout the next month as a general member.

Our in-coming Generator-In-Residence is Colin Brahmstedt. He is the founder and electronic designer for Charged Innovations. Charged Innovations is a central hub of thinkers and makers that specialize in helping drive businesses forward with eye-catching displays, innovative interiors, and interactive art.

Colin is a life-long Maker, always trying to figure out how things work. Flashy lights and loud noises are his specialty.

For his terms as Generator-In-residence, Colin will be making a steampunk themed musical Tesla Coil that will be controlled by a piano keyboard:

He will also be building a musical flamethrower that will play music like an organ, but through flame:

These pieces will be displayed at the art hop and will allow passing people to play music with them.

To close out the night we also enjoyed demos by YourDuino and our very own volunteer, Jim Wick!