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Talking Art and Comics Biz With Stephanie Zuppo

The business of art making isn’t about just, well, making art. It’s no different in the world of comics. If you create a comic book, for instance, where should you publish it? Which comics convention should you attend to market it? Is the whole endeavor worth your time?

Vermont cartoonist Stephanie Zuppo, 27, seeks to answer these questions and others. (The artist goes by gender-neutral they/them pronouns.) In February, they launched The Ladybroad Ledger, the first all-femme and nonbinary newsprint comic, and distributed the free publication at sites around Vermont.

With their husband, Zuppo also created a website called Conosaurus as a resource for cartoonists, other creatives and fans to manage convention schedules. It provides access to a database of information on comics events throughout the United States and Canada.

Zuppo, an MFA graduate of the Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, works in a studio in Generator maker space in Burlington. Seven Dayscaught up with them to hear more about their work, successes and challenges.

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