Seeing Sound Feb 4 at Generator

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Seeing Sound Opening Reception

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Opening Reception for our outgoing Maker-In-Residence:
Devin Wilder
Thursday, February 4

Seeing Sound is an interactive sonic installation that uses home-brewed electronics to reintroduce the ways in which we experience sound. Born from the intersection of art and technology, Seeing Sound features Arduino-based Theremins that emit tones relative to the movement of its viewer’s hand. Being linked electronically to both an analogue Cymatic rig and a Raspberry Pi, the Theremins are then able produce visualizations of these sounds as they are created in real time. Challenging the notion that one can only experience sound by hearing it, these devices make sound accessible to those who are not able to interact with it through such traditional means.

The first in an oncoming series of installations, demonstrations, and performances, Seeing Sound is the brief introduction to what will be called The Right to Sound Project: a social justice movement that uses visual art and technology to raise awareness about the hearing impaired community and the fact that insurance companies do not assist in covering the cost of any hearing aids, regardless of the severity of one’s disability. By using vibration and frequency in conjunction with these specifically engineered apparatuses, Seeing Sound and the Right to Sound Project aims to reintroduce sound as a visual experience, draw public attention to this great injustice, and hopefully, bring about the change needed to correct it.