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Member Made: Milton Rosa-Ortiz’s Goddess of the Storm

By August 26, 2019 No Comments

Milton is a former architect and current nurse and artist working on a sculptural commission, loosely based on the Puerto Rican Goddess of the Storm.

The female figure carries a red lantern, much like the figures stationed on ship heads that are meant to safely guide sailors.

Milton used the CNC Wood Router to drill holes in plexiglass — which he would have otherwise done by hand.

The beads are hung from the plexi glass and are are suspended at different heights, swaying gently with the breeze. He’s using onyx and charcoal beads, as well as red for the lantern.

Although Milton has been creating art and exhibiting his work for years, this is his first piece made at Generator. He was lacking the space at home to create this sculpture. After a tour, he was excited to learn that he could secure an affordable, safe place to build his sculpture while accessing the the wood, metal, and jewelry shops.

Learn more about Milton’s work here, and learn about becoming a studio member of Generator here.