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Member Made: custom signage for Mama & Pops

By November 2, 2020 No Comments

There are a couple of new businesses in town: Cafe Mamajuana and Poppy Cafe. We’re so excited that Burlington gets to eat their delicious food!

These two new businesses are sharing a single space in the Old North End dubbed Mama & Pops (get it?).

The owners reached out to Generator staff member and illustrator Christine Hill (of Tender Warrior Co.) about a little signage project for the cafe.

Their fridge came with this stock signage and it didn’t quite fit into their vibe:

And here’s an after photo:

Christine said:

“This is one of those little annoying things that’s a pain for a business owner to figure out how to change. They don’t have the time for dealing with something like this, and even if they did, it would probably be pretty expensive to get something custom printed.

It felt really good to do a quick turnaround on this for them – and now I have a few folks asking me about their own signage projects!”