Generator Success Story: Pete and Ben

Meet Pete Talbot and Ben t. Matchstick


Pete Talbot and Ben t. Matchstick received Generator Maker-In Residence for January and February of 2015.  Before the residency they were creating imaginative cardboard arcade experiences with scissors and razor knives and a few other basic DIY tools.  Through Generator they learned the magic and speed of laser cutting, rapid prototyping and the beginning of scaled production.  


Their bonafide cardboard pinball prototypes enabled them to establish their LLC in September 2015, though had been DBA Cardboard Teck Instantute since 2006.


They launched their Kickstarter for the PinBox 3000 in June 2015 and by July had raised $15,000 to initiate production. Make Magazine’s feature and inventory purchase in September 2015 nearly doubled their production.  New York Toy Fair in February 2016 generated strong relationships, including with Martinex in Finland for EU production of the PinBox 3000.  They sought out a large scale manufacturing plant in Philadelphia, and are planning higher volume production starting in September 2016, following their next Kickstarter this fall.


After returning to their tiny and over stuffed studio in Generator from Toy Fair NY, they realized there was so little room in their studio that they couldn’t even access it.  They recycled old prototypes and removed anything that was ‘in process’.  It had become a challenge to spread out to see what was being built and impossible to create large-scale set pieces or theatrical space.  Pete and Ben have graduated to join the ALTernator space where they can spread their wings.


Pete and Ben are one of Generator’s “graduate” success stories. Generator is a platform to help good ideas become great businesses.


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Most recent update, 12/15/16!

We’ve manufactured over 7,000 units in our Philly factory, working w a marketing firm 20nine, we’ve raised over $100,000 for the P3k, now working regularly with projection films out of Middlebury, and we’re in more than 50 stores & counting across the US (Marbles the Brain Store & others), things are shaping up for the Alternator & this new PinBox 3000 has glowing reviews!

Keep on keepin’ on Pete and Ben!