• So can anyone go into either bathroom?
    • Yes. The bathrooms are now open to anyone in the space, no matter their gender.
  • What if I’m uncomfortable with the prospect of sharing the bathroom with people of other genders?
    • This certainly will be a shift, and we ask members who feel uncomfortable with the new set-up to reach out to Meg ([email protected]) with any concerns. We’d also ask people to consider how uncomfortable the old set-up was for some members of our community.
  • What if someone does something in the bathroom that I don’t like or makes me feel unsafe?
    • While some level of discomfort with the change in Generator bathroom policy is to be expected, the safety of our membership remains paramount. If there are actions that an individual takes that make you feel unsafe: get away, get help and report it. Generator will investigate this type of report in the same way we always have and will continue to treat member safety with the utmost importance.