Generator is located at 40 Sears Lane. Hours of operation are Mon-Fri 11AM-9PM and Sat-Sun 10AM-7PM.  
Drop-in visitors welcome from 12PM to 6PM.


Welcome to Burlington's South End Arts and Business District

Generator is a home for makers, artists, and designers of all skill levels and interests. Join the community: visit our "Membership" page to sign up. Browse "Classes and Orientations" to learn about classes.

Devin Wilder got a boost in her project through our Maker-In-Residence program.  Learn more about how you could be a Maker-In-Residence too.

Matt Flego and Erik Cooper are long term members and master of all trades.  Need to learn a new skill? It it likely that they are teaching your class!

Rob Rock is a member that uses Generator equipment to further his farming inventions.  Want access to the same equipment? Check out our membership tiers.

Check out this video for an overview of what Generator is!