Our tools

Working to build a full prototyping and fabrication line

Workshop that includes 3D printer, laser cutter, 4-axis mill and vinyl cutter as well as workstations with SolidWorks, Creative Suite, and other useful tools. Requires certification to use.
Work benches to develop Arduino, RaspberriPi, Beagle Bone and related micro controllers, processors and other miniature devices. Includes soldering stations. Requires certification to use.
Equipped with welding, grinding, bending, perforating and related tools. Includes work area for related manual work and safety gear. Requires certification to use.
Work stations suitable for most heating, shaping and fitting needs along with a limited range of hand-tools. Requires certification to use.

We’re always looking for new equipment and tools that add value for members. Do you have equipment you’d like to share? Consider joining with our lease program.