We are happy to welcome the community to Generator for tool trainings and classes this fall!

Please note: All classes are being held to accommodate 6ft-distancing practices and require masks. Questions regarding our classes can be emailed to our Education Director.

Is there a class you’d like Generator to offer? If so, please get in touch and share your idea!

What is the difference between classes and tool trainings?

Classes are longer, hands-on, project-based educational experiences. Participants leave with a finished item, the ability to dream up new ideas in a new medium, and the confidence to operate the equipment independently. We recommend classes for folks who have zero previous experience with the tools or equipment used in the class and want to begin growing their skillset, or for folks who simply want the fun experience of making the thing the class is making!

Tool trainings are more pointed educational sessions designed to get folks up-to-speed about the safety and basic operations of a tool or piece of equipment so that they can get to work. We recommend tool trainings for Generator members needing a tool certification, or folks who have access to similar equipment at home but need a refresher on how to use it. Participants will leave understanding how to safely operate the tools and equipment, but expertise will come from repeat use and exposure.

Please note: For some advanced classes a prerequisite is required. Classes with a prerequisite will be noted with an asterisk (*) next to the title. Please see the class description for details.