Design Lab partners Generator’s maker-educators with school educators, after school programs, and other non-profits to provide engaging hands-on STEAM workshops (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) to students in grades seven through twelve.

Design Lab, created in partnership with, focuses on a hybrid classroom/workplace approach. Generator’s maker-educators go into classrooms to work with students on human-centered design, and teachers bring students to Generator where they learn the skills and tools they need to see their designs realized.

Along the way, students are presented with real world community problems and are mentored in finding STEAM-based solutions, which they then implement. This training exposes them to work-based career oriented experiences, which in turn shapes their aspirations and confidence.

Design Lab gives Vermont students access to the bright futures a STEAM career can afford while also providing exposure to entrepreneurial and advanced manufacturing and vocational opportunities.




Projects vary depending on timeline, age group, interests, and capacity. All projects conform to the design-thinking process. Projects can utilize one or multiple of Generator’s workshops and countless tools and design programs.

Past projects have included:

  • Plywood Chair Design

  • Laser Cut Journals

  • Customized Phone Stands

  • Mini Marble Run Challenge

  • Wearable Electronics

  • Virtual Reality 3D Modeling

  • CNC Maze Runner





We are grateful to our 2018 Design Lab partners who have included, the Winooski School District, Hunt Middle School, Spaulding High School, King Street Center, Lund Center, Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program, the Governor’s Institute of Vermont, Essex Junction Middle School, UVM’s Mansfield Hall, Spectrum Youth and Family Services, Peoples United Community Foundation and many more.



Are you an educator interested in brining hands-on, design-thinking learning experience to your students?

Please contact Outreach Coordinator Jon Weisbecker  for details on how to set up a workshop with us.

We look forward to your collaboration!