UVM BioFabLab needs your feedback!

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UVM BioFabLab needs your feedback! Save the Date: Oct 4 @ 7pm

Nobel laureate Sydney Brenner said, “Progress in science depends on new techniques, new discoveries, and new ideas, probably in that order.”

It’s true; a major part of doing science is coming up with new ways to interrogate the world around us. Even in biology, being able to design, build, and tinker with experimental equipment is a critical skill.

Taking inspiration from Burlington Generator and the Maker movement, UVM’s Biology Department developed BioFabLab, a class for biology majors in which students work in teams to answer real research questions by designing and building experimental equipment. Over the coming months, our students will be spending a lot of time at Generator, learning new skills and interacting with all of you.

In the past, the generous involvement of the Generator community has been essential to our students’ success. So we are asking for your help once

A big part of what we hope to teach our students is how to seek out advice to solve technical problems, and how to explain their projects to non-biologists. We will be holding three presentation sessions during the semester where the students will give updates on their progress, and look for feedback. The first is this Wednesday, October 4th at 7pm in the Great Hall at Generator.

We encourage you all to come by and learn about BioFabLab, and hear our students give a chalk talk about their research questions and initial design ideas!

UVM BioFabLab 2017
UVM BioFabLab 2017