Thank You for Your Support

By September 19, 2016 No Comments

Hey everybody,

Holy smokes: we did it! YOU did it! You helped Generator hit our challenge goal of $5,000 in 10 short days. Here are the final numbers:
$5,900 in 10 days, from 76 unique contributors – from Washington (DC) to Waterbury, Shelburne to Sherman Oaks (CA). Just terrific, thank you! We had an average contribution of $80 (which is huge!) with a range of $5 to $1,000.
One of the things that made this campaign so rewarding was the opportunity to read first-hand what folks had to say about YOU. Here’s what I saw along the way:
“Keep up the great work!!”
“We’re excited to see the Generator grow as a result of the dedication and passion of the vibrant maker community here in Vermont. “
“Good Luck. Very proud of you [name]!”
“Best of luck”
“Rock and Roll!”
“I know it’s only a token donation, but it will be matched & should cover at least a stapler. I’ll share this on FB too :)”
“Looking forward to the new space – hoping for access for youth too!”
“Keep on Generating! “
“Let’s make this happen!!!!”
“I like to move it, move it!”
“Great appreciation for an the amazing team of people – staff, members and board who push the rock a little higher every day.  Here’s to the summit.”
“Go Generator!”
“Congratulations on your successful campaign and impending move!”
“Since you’ve made the mark, this is for some beers – just joking –  it’s for a new mop bucket.”
Thanks everyone – this was really fun. I’m humbled and deeply grateful for your support and capacity to generate such momentum.
Of course, there are so many ways community spirit is demonstrated at Generator beyond the money. This is clear. It is impressive to see it crystalize so measurably in such a short time. So thank you again, and here’s to Sears Lane!
Generator Team