Parker Silver is a talented multimedia artist and performer who strives to use art to bring people together and create joy and healing. Since becoming a member two years ago, they’ve been creating gothic artwork for their small business on the laser cutter, and also actively building community at Generator. Now they’re launching their own community arts nonprofit that also incorporates creativity, experimentation, and connection.

We hope you enjoy reading Parker’s story about building “Third Spaces” that foster creativity and inclusivity.

My name is Parker Silver, and I wear many hats – business owner, artist, performer – and a member of Generator. This makerspace community has supported my creative exploration, and has also played an important role in my growth as an artist and entrepreneur.

As a multidisciplinary artist, I work with acrylic paint, digital design, resin, and wood cutting to make pieces inspired by gothic and art nouveau aesthetics, and anatomy and nature. Access to Generator’s tools and space has been instrumental in developing my artistic practice. The rapid prototyping tools at Generator have allowed me to make pieces more quickly and with a wider variety of materials.

I made use of these tools when I was previously operating Hi Ho Silver, my small business selling art, apparel, and stickers – many of which were made using Generator’s laser and vinyl cutters.  I am also a contemporary performance artist, working in spoken word, burlesque, and as an emcee since 2018.

Recently, my focus has shifted to Grimm’s Domain, a community arts event nonprofit that I lead. Our mission is to create spaces and events where people can connect, express themselves authentically, and celebrate diverse voices from the QTPOC and Disabled community.

Grimm’s Domain offers free and paid programming that spans vaudeville, drag, and pole dance performances; and community events focused on somatic wellness, self-expression, and intergenerational connections. In the next year we are hoping to launch free movie and karaoke nights, tabletop role-playing game meetups, and an inclusive DIY fashion show event.  We aim to provide inclusive environments, epitomizing the concept of a “third space” where people can connect beyond work or home.

I see Generator as another example of a thriving third space in Vermont. My favorite thing about this community is that the professional equipment and expertise is paired with a sense of play. People aren’t limiting themselves to projects for a specific goal or job – they are experimenting because they love to learn and create.

The greatest benefit Generator offers, in my opinion, is the access to a network of support. The community’s unwavering support means that even if there’s a glitch with a machine, there are always people to help you troubleshoot or find alternate solutions, ensuring that you are still able to create.

Please join me in supporting Generator this spring to ensure our community always has a place to connect, play, experiment, and explore!


Well said Parker!

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