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Maker in Residence: Michael Zebrowski

By January 11, 2019 No Comments

Our January/February 2019 Maker in Residence is Michael Zebrowski and his public art and design studio, UP END THIS.

Some may recognize Michael from a couple months back when he was at Generator finishing his project Water Molecules, a temperature sensitive light sculpture installed at Spruce Lodge at Stowe Mountain for their Festival of Lights.

Photo credit: Spruce Peak Lodge


Michael’s work spans art and science with an emphasis on interactive and useful structures and public art. He first ventured into designing products with his project Eclipse Survey, 100 pairs of eclipse viewfinder glasses that he designed and produced for the Gibbes museum of art in Charleston, South Carolina.


Photo credit: Up End This


Photo credit: Up End This

Michael plans to use his 2-month residency at Generator to dive deeper into the product design process.

His goal? To build the first full scale prototype of one of his “satellites,” a mobile and dynamic architectural structure.

Michael asserts that the satellite isn’t like a tiny house. “It’s more in line with an inspired by the motor vehicle,” he said. He aims to make his beautiful and simple satellites DOT approved so they can be transported, and to add casters on the bottom that will allow them to spin in their locations so they take advantage of sun, shade, or different views. This will also help maximize the satellite’s solar power potential.

While it’s easy to picture the satellite as a mobile living space, Michael can also see them being cafes, shops, and meeting places. He’s curious to see what uses people may have for the structures and to develop a business that serve’s peoples’ needs.

Michael prefers basswood and foam board to 3D modeling programs, and we’re enjoying watching his colorful studio space pile up with different models. He plans build the first satellite over the next two months behind Generator. He’ll spend time in the wood shop with the CNC router which he’ll use to develop a radiant floor heating system. Michael also plans to use the plasma cutter and the electronics lab for outfitting the satellite with mechanical and electrical elements.

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