Quadruped Robopoem@s Exhibit

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Quadruped Robopoem@s
Work by Alm@ Pérez (Tina Escaja)

Exhibit will be on display November 2015 – January 2016

Quadruped Robopoem@s are five insect-like robots whose legs and bodies are engraved with seven parts of a poem written from the robot’s point of view. Voice activation and response to sensors allow them to interact with humans and with each other, emphasizing the existential issues addressed in the poem. These creatures, purposely chosen from open-source models resembling insects and spiders, question binary notions such as creator/creature, thus emphasizing anxiety and removal from humans while inhabiting the already problematic relation between humans and technology. Technology and humanity are reframed by these wandering Robopoem@s, which ultimately recount existential assumptions through poetry and robotics.

In September of 2015 Tina Escaja was awarded a 2 month residency at Generator. Generator’s “makers in residence” program is a competitive, community-supported effort to brighten the light on unique creativity and incentivize members and non-members to advance their work in an important way.

While visiting the exhibit, you can experience the robots in an augmented reality on your smartphone or tablet! Before visiting, download the free Aurasma app. Search for AlmaPerez. “Follow” AlmaPerez Public Auras.

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