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‘Open Studio’ Coming to Generator

By March 2, 2022 No Comments

At Generator, we pride ourselves on removing as many barriers as possible in providing access to our diverse array of tools. After completing the requisite tool training, members are able to have full access to our shops. Many people prefer to learn on their own, through trial and error. This is part of the essence of a maker space and we LOVE this process. Others prefer having someone to double-check a procedure with or ask a quick question of. This type of support and teamwork often happens organically at Generator, but we wanted to create a more formal opportunity where members knew a skilled-user would be in a specific shop space and open to consultation. 

That’s why we have decided to begin offering periodic “Open Studio” time for members. These monthly, free offerings will be staffed by our Volunteer Shop Leads. They will provide an opportunity for members to show up with their own projects and do work together with one another as well as the shop lead. Informal consultation and education will be the name of the game. We want to provide an opportunity where folks can bridge the confidence gap between having the knowledge how a tool works and having enough experience to use it fully independently. 

This time isn’t just for folks who recently completed a tool training. Experienced members and folks who have yet to complete a shop’s tool training are encouraged to attend as well! Not only will more experienced members have an opportunity to consult with knowledgeable folks, their questions, perspectives and experience will prove valuable to others as well.  

To learn when the next ‘Open Studio’ sessions are, CLICK HERE and if you have questions check out the FAQ below or reach out to Sam Graulty, the Program Coordinator at [email protected].


  • What if I can’t make the scheduled time?
    • Unfortunately, the sessions’ timing is determined by the leaders’ availability. You can contact the Program Coordinator ([email protected]) and it may be possible to find other times for future dates.
  • Do I have to preregister?
    • While not strictly required, we do ask people to register via the calendar event on our Events page. This not only helps the leader know who’s coming and what they want, it also helps Generator track how many people are attending which offerings.
  • What will we actually do?
    • There are a few options of what may happen. It’s somewhat up to the leader, but they’re of course open to suggestions. Some possible activities include:
      • Skill sharing – Learn a specific technique 
      • Consultation – Get support on a specific project or conundrum
      • Continuing Education – Delve deeper into how to use the tools
      • Social Connection – Get to know your fellow makers while you both work in parallel
  • What’s the difference between these and Private Lessons?
    • Private lessons are individualized and exclusive to the person who requests and pays for them. Because this is shared time, everyone must be sure to work cooperatively to share the time evenly.
  • Who can come?
    • To begin, Open Studio will be limited only to Generator members. However, members do NOT need to be certified in a shop to attend. This is a way to ensure a wide array of backgrounds and experience-levels. Because the shop leads will be present, non-certified members may even be able to try out some tools under direct supervision. Note: this will NOT take the place of a Tool Training. UPDATE: Open Studio is now open to non-members as of June 14th 2022.
  • What if it’s crowded?
    • We won’t limit the number of people to start. It’s up to the leader and the attendees to be sure to share the time as best they can. If attendance limits would make sense given how popular they are, we may institute limits in the future.
  • Can’t I just get together with other members to talk about our work?
    • Of course you can! We just wanted to provide a more structured environment where members can know there will be experienced users present who are willing and able to share their knowledge.