Generator’s Member Representatives are liaisons between Generator’s membership and Board of Directors.

Member Reps attend monthly board meetings and can serve on various board committees.

Members Reps are elected annually by Generator members and serve for two year terms.


This could be you!

Julianny Lobo

This could be you!


A Member Representative to the board (a.k.a. “Member Rep”) is an active member of Generator who interacts with various constituents including members, staff, local community members and liaisons with the Board of Directors.

A Member Rep has a clear understanding of the Generator’s mission and an ability to be an ambassador of the organization and a member advocate. They are encouraged to create, promote and attend Generator events with a focus on recruiting members, building a strong membership community and contributing to member’s success as artists, collaborators, entrepreneurs, inventors, and innovators. 

Member Reps provide input around strategic and visionary leadership for Generator and are eligible to serve on one or more Board subcommittees by invitation; these are Governance, Development, Education, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI), and Safety.

Member Reps are elected by a majority vote of the members. Up to three Member Reps may serve at a time, each serving for 2 year terms.

Key duties of Member Representatives are:

  • Listening to and identifying the needs of the membership; acting as a liaison to provide membership feedback, requests, and possible solutions to the staff and board.
  • Fostering a diverse, equitable, inclusive and safe community culture.
  • Engaging membership equitably and effectively by using multiple forms of communication and outreach to ensure a diversity of participation.
  • Attending member meet-ups and/or gatherings. 
  • Participating in the annual performance review of the Executive Director

Member Representatives are asked to commit to participation in the following:

  • Attending bi-monthly board meetings
  • Attending monthly membership meetings
  • Attending meetings of Board subcommittees they have joined

Successful candidates will:

  • Participate regularly in a broad range of Generator activities
  • Be excellent listeners, actively seeking input from members
  • Have strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to separate personal interest from organization and member interests

Generator is seeking new Member Representatives!


Applications to self nominate for the Member Representative to the Board positions are due by April 13th, 2022.

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