Member Reps

Your member reps act as liaisons between Generator’s membership and board of directors. They attend board meetings and serve on various committees.  They are elected by the members at the monthly member meeting and serve one year terms.

Steve Mermelstein

Steve Mermelstein is an award-winning photographer and cinematographer based in Burlington, Vermont. Founder and Director of Photography for Vermont Drone. A provider of Professional Aerial, Ground, Interior, and Underwater Photography/Cinematography and Data Collection Services in Vermont and beyond.

Karen Freeman

Karen is the Conservation Director for the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board, a statewide funder of conservation, working lands, affordable housing and community development projects and capacity building throughout the state. She is the President/Founder of SeamWorks, working to enhance Vermont’s community and production sewing ecosystems, and is involved supporting other Vermont maker initiatives and facilities, including the Champlain Maker Faire and VT STEAMspace. She serves on the boards of the Montpelier Foundation and Friends of Dog Mountain, and is a cellist in the Vermont Philharmonic Orchestra.

Jake Blend

Jake Blend has earned a reputation as a creative, fun, and determined maker/fixer.  When he isn’t maintaining the arcade and pinball machines at the Archives, he is the rapid prototype shop lead at the Generator, transcribing dreams to tangible joy.  Among his many projects that have come out of his time, there are a replica Galaga arcade machine, a virtual reality platform linked into creation tools, footprints for a traveling Smithsonian Exhibit, and the World’s Largest Spirograph.

Member Rep Job Description

Member Representatives to the Board provide an important role fostering constructive communication between the Executive Director, the Board of Directors and Generator membership, including the various communities and networks that form within the membership body

Member Representatives are asked represent the mission of Generator, Inc. in the community as well as provide input around strategic and visionary leadership for Generator, Inc., especially where the aspirations of Generator’s membership are concerned. Member Representatives are eligible to serve on one or more Board subcommittees by invitation; these are Governance, Business Development, and Safety and Operations.

Member Representatives are elected by a majority vote of the members present at a Member Meeting where a vote has been called. Up to three Member Representatives may serve at a time. There is presently no time limit to the term.

Key duties of Member Representatives are:

  • Listen to, gather, and bring member input on matters of member interest to board meetings

  • Participate in, and report proceedings and outcomes from Board meetings to members

  • Participate in the annual performance review of the Executive Director

Member Representatives are asked to commit to participation in the following:

  • Bi-monthly Board meetings

  • Monthly membership meetings

  • Meetings of Board subcommittees they have joined

Successful candidates will:

  • Participate regularly in a broad range of Generator activities

  • Be excellent listeners, actively seeking input from members

  • Have strong written and verbal communication skills

  • Ability to separate  personal interest from organization and member interests

  • Creative problem solvers, comfortable navigating formal and informal settings