Meet Alixandra Klein

By December 20, 2016 No Comments

If you are a Generator member, it is more than likely you have spotted Alixandra Klein.  She is a spunky member, self-driven business owner, teacher, and member representative on the board.  Between all those roles, she spends a good chunk of time at Generator with black hands from the soot from her freshly laser cut bicycle innertube earrings, necklaces and cuffs.

Alix’s jewelry making adventures started in Tahoe, California. Alix and her husband, Hans Jonathanwakil von Briesen, moved to Vermont and created her brand “ABD” (Alixandra Barron Designs) in September of 2014.

My business has grown through many baby steps.  Slowly but steadily, with many little successes.  I currently have 15+ wholesale accounts and an online shop and social media outlets all bringing in revenue! From handcutting everything with scissors before I found Generator, to streaming my production methods, it has been very exciting to see it take a shape all on its own.

One of the scariest and most vulnerable transitions for any self-employed individual, is making that transition to full time entrepreneur.  Alix made that plunge with grace in October of 2016.  It was worth the investment to focus on her own production line.

Being introduced to the Generator is the single most important thing that has happened so far for ABD.  Not only for the tools that I have access to, but the community of inspired, creative and engaged folks that always seem to have time to bounce ideas off of.

Alixandra Klein is one of Generator’s top talent and has participated in a rising tide lifts all boats culture. Generator is a platform to help people improve their skills and get to the next stepping stone in their business!

Check out her jewelry at ABD!

You can find her teaching laser classes at Generator.