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Introducing our Incoming and Outgoing Maker in Residence on Tuesday September 8th

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September 8th from 6:30pm-9:00pm Sean Clute talk about the work he achieved during his time as Generator’s Maker-in-Residence.  You will also get to hear from our new Maker-in-Residence Tina Escaja.

Tina joins us from the University of Vermont Department of Romance Languages and Linguistics where she is a Professor of Spanish with special expertises in digital media and poetry. During her two month residency at Generator, Tina will be using 3D design tools, the laser cutter and 3D printer and other resources while tapping member hands and minds to produce poetry robots, autonomous performance entities with a penchant for prose. Welcome Tina! Learn more about her digital work here:

Come check out Listen, an exhibit that showcases the work of Sean Clute during his artist in residency at Generator in Burlington, Vermont. In the spirit of the maker movement, Sean created a number of electronic instruments that reveal inaudible electromagnetic and acoustic sounds. Photographs, circuits, and other artifacts on display become evidence of his sonic adventures in the landscape of Vermont. Also included, is documentation using these instruments in collaboration with intermedia performance group Double Vision, choreographer Polly Motley, and artist Heidi Boisvert.

In July and August of 2015 Sean Clute was awarded a Maker in Residence at Generator. Generator “aims to be a community of collaboration among artists, engineers, and entrepreneurs to foster a fertile environment for innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.“ While in residence, Clute experimented with analogue electronic sound instruments inspired by the writings/schematics of Nicolas Collins and David Tudor.

Sean would like to thank Generator, Lars Hasselblad Torres, Leif Hunneman and Scott Fusare for their support in this experiment.

Want to become our next Maker-in-Residence? Apply here: