Jake Blend Wins “Newcomer Award” at Tech Jam!

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Tech Jam Award Winner!

Jake Blend, Generator member and tinkerer of all kinds, won this years “Newcomer Award” at Tech Jam. The Generator community couldn’t be more proud of Jake and his well deserved recognition!

I was so happy to see our own Jake Blend win the “Newcomers Award’ at TechJam today. The Newcomer’s award is  


Given to an energetic and exciting new entrant into Vermont’s technology scene over the last 24 months, this award demonstrates Vermont’s “pull” as a technology hub and recognizes new talent that calls Vermont home.”

So happy  to work with you Jake ! Congrats !!!
-John Cohn
Tech Jam award winner

Tech Jam award winner

Having watched Jake’s growth as a maker over the past 3 years as a co-member of the Generator has been an privilege and honor. Well deserved!

  • -Lucie deLaBruere