Building Skills while Making Furniture with King Street Center Teens

By August 31, 2017 No Comments

Teens at King Street Center paired off to design, fabricate, and construct one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture. KSC teens worked with Generator educators and craftsmen in August to bring their designs to life. During their workshop, the students made their own furniture and spatial arrangement for their study spaces at King Street.The experience and the process, from asking the question of ‘what they need and wish’, to designing and building is an empowering one that offers a sense of ownership and feeling of support.  With that comes a sense of belonging and safety, which in turn, opens up the possibility for inspired thinking and learning.

“There is perhaps no one more excited by our space – by the potential of our space (even if they would not articulate it that way) than the kids who visit us. We are the adults in their lives that are making a difference in the adults they become.” -Karen Cornish