Big Maker: Amelia Marzec- Making Systems Prepared for the Apocalypse

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Big Maker: Amelia Marzec
Wednesday, Sept. 27 I 7:00 pm
Generator, 40 Sears Lane

Amelia Marzec is a Brooklyn-based artist focused on enabling activist communities through innovative uses of technology. Through projects such as New American Sweatshop, Future Satellite, and Weather Center for the Apocalypse she uses accessible technologies to develop the critical awareness of technological systems.

Imagine a future where the American dollar is worthless. To rebuild the economy, citizens must use the only resource available: decades of post-consumer waste. With no way to afford expensive international electronics, they sift through products that have been subject to planned obsolescence for the possibility of working parts. The goal is to build a new communications infrastructure that is community-controlled and far from the prying eyes of any government.

The New American Sweatshop manifests itself as an installation that models a functioning manufacturing plant. It relies on intern labor to hand-build semi-functioning prototypes of what our technology could look like in the future. All supplies, furniture, and uniforms are created from local salvaged goods.

BIG Maker is a free public discussion series presented by Burlington Generator with support from the City of Burlington, Burlington Telecom, Vermont Community Access Media, and Designbook

The Laboratory for What’s Possible:
A Free Workshop with Artist/Inventor Amelia Marzec
Wednesday, Sept. 27 I 3:00 to 4:00 pm

Generator, 40 Sears Lane

With our uncertain political future, how can we take communications into our own hands and be independent of the international supply chain? The Laboratory for What’s Possible is a project to share knowledge on reclaiming electronic waste and to discover possibilities existing in our cast-off items that can keep our communities connected.

Visiting Artist/Inventor Amelia Marzec leads this hands-on, public workshop that has participants taking a fresh look at electronics components, and reimagining those into new forms and functionality.

Free Admission.  Registration is required.
Limit: 15 participants