Corrine’s stamps & community mural

Local artist and organizer Corrine Yonce recently utilized Generator’s Epilog laser cutter to create rubber stamps from hand drawings. These stamps were for use in a community mural in the Old North End’s new community center.

The stamps made it easy for folks to contribute to the mural regardless of whether they felt they had “artistic talent.”

Corrine Yonce Old North End Community MuralWords from Corrine:

“This project has been lead by high school students of the BTV City and Lake Semester – their mission was to represent this thriving new community that is the Old North End (ONE) Community Center, which is the former St. Joseph school.”

Old North End Community Mural

Old North End Community MuralThe mural was to represent its vibrant history and exciting future. They asked to show the true diversity of ages, cultures, and ways people use the space. The students loved the activities that bridged communities- food, play, sports. They wanted people to see themselves in the mural, no matter who they are.”
Old North End Community Mural
The ONE Community Center is a critical resource in the Old North End. The center is home to Vermont Adult Learning, the The Family Room, the Association of Africans Living in Vermont, Spectrum’s after school program, Very Merry Theater, the Vermont Hindu temple, the Burlington City Lake Program, among others.”
Old North End Community Mural
The students at Burlington City and Lake Semester worked hard to guide my hand in this piece, to bring community together, and ensure this mural would have a enduring & inclusive message for all communities that use the space now, and will use the space in the future.”

Old North End Community MuralA big thanks to Megan Humphrey whose 1,200 photos of the Old North End (still exhibited at the ONE Community Center!) inspired us so much that we use some in the mural. Also a big thanks to Burlington Parks, Recreation, & Waterfront who bought the supplies and dealt with our mess, to Champlain House Trust who hosts space to these critical community organizations, and to all the wonderful organizations who showed up to this event to have a hand in the final piece. Vermont Adult Learning, The Family Room, Robin’s Nest Childcare, AALV and the Champlain Senior Center.”

Corrine Yonce Old North End Community Mural

Corrine Yonce Old North End Community Mural

Corrine Yonce Old North End Community MuralPhotos by Montgomery Sheridan.

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