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Digital Fabrication

Digital modeling and fabrication is a process that joins design with production through the use of 2D or 3D modeling software, computer-aided design (CAD), and additive or subtractive manufacturing processes. For example, 3D printing falls under additive, while Laser Cutting and engraving falls under subtractive.

General Info

Area Manager: Jake Blend
Hours: Same as Generator hours

Area Rules

  • Please keep the area clean! As a general rule, leave the area cleaner than you found it.
  • Do not leave remnants of your projects behind.
  • We welcome useful size scrap materials in the Scrap Materials Box.

Required Certification

We offer four different ways to obtain certification in this area of Generator:

  1. Certification Course (4 weeks) If you are at a beginner or an intermediate skill level in the area of focus we have a four week certification course that covers over all safety, operations, and focuses on giving members practice running various tools until they feel confident they can operate independently.
  2. Test out Certification If you have advanced experience in the shop you still have to certify, but you can take a one-session certification session with a shop head. In this session, you cover the same safety and shop operation information but it’s possible to skip the practice sessions and move right on to testing out with an instructor. In order to “test out” all members must complete a written and physical demonstration of their shop competency.
  3. One on One Certification Sometimes a member needs to certify on just one tool, for example the laser cutter or the cnc mill. Or the class dates don’t work and they need to get started on a project. In either of these cases a member can coordinate with an instructor to schedule a one-on-one certification session.
  4. Certifying during an Introductory Course We offer longer introductory courses on our more popular tools and machines. These classes are generally 6 weeks long and include certification on the tool or machine they are covering. This may not mean the member who takes this course has access to all the tools in the given shop and it may require that member require additional certification to use the shop on their own.

Note that certification requirements may be different in each area of Generator. Please refer to the “Required Certification” section within the area you are interested to review the requirements.


  • Rapid Prototype Certification
  • Exploring the Laser Cutter
  • Get Solid on 3D modeling: Solidworks with Erik Cooper
  • Also check our “Classes & Events” page online for additional one-time classes or special training events.

Available Tools

Tool Type Make / Model / Link Operational Status
Laser Cutter Epilog Laser Fusion 60w ONLINE
3D Printer Stratasys uPrint SE ONLINE
CNC Mill Roland MDX40a 4 Axis Mill ONLINE
CNC Router Shapeoko 3 Axis Router ONLINE
Support Tool SCA-1200 3D Print Support Cleaning Apparatus ONLINE
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