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Stratasys uPrint SE

This do-it-all printer uses FDM Technology to build in real ABSplus thermoplastic, resulting in models and functional prototypes that are durable, stable and accurate. Evaluate form, fit and function in everything from ergonomics to manufacturing processes — right from your desktop. - See more on the Stratasys site here.

General Info

Make: Stratasys
Model: uPrint SE
Serial: P55543
Part Num: 180-50100
Manual: Spec Sheet



More Learning

Supporting Equipment

Tool Type Make / Model / Link
Support Tool SCA-1200 3D Print Support Cleaning Apparatus

Equipment Status

For the availability and current status of this equipment, please see the parent area wiki page.

Primary Consumables

Consumable Part Number Product Link
Model Material TBD TBD
SR-30 XL Soluble Support Material 345-42207 External Link
Build Plate TBD TBD
Disolver TBD TBD
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