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Member Meeting Minutes 9/12/16 Our next meeting is Monday October 17th (the 11th is a holiday so we are pushing the meeting back one week).

Please email us (Jean or Josh) with any questions or clarifications about these minutes.

5 pizzas (25 people @ in attendance) Announcements

      Use white board
          Upcoming are dates to notice! 
              MakerFair Sept 24,25 
                  Karen spoke about inviting members to bring some work to her table.  She will be running fun cardboard automata and legos zip line. She will welcome your help so contact her about either of these things ASAP.  You will be able to get into the fair gratis.
                  Pete Katz gave progress on the Retail Cart Build- working to build the roof to scale after several scale built iterations.  Get in to see this exciting project before we head to the streets to sell our products.
              Members Introductions- New and current members present spoke about what they do at the Generator.

Maker in Residence- We will a few new makers. Sept 16th is decision date and today is deadline for submission. Talk to Beth.

  Member Representatives spoke and answered questions about the past meeting and annual meeting. Our Fundraising Campaign has been successful and we continue to look forward to new opportunities so stay tuned. 

R4-K2 (Robots for Kids Too) meets 11AM every Saturday at the Generator. Members welcome help out. Email her Lars was with us on Google Hang-out! We invite your input on how to draw you into hangouts and participate in the future. Lunch and Learn Opportunity! Email Michael Metz if you know about any partnering businesses to attend. The date is this Thursday at 12 noon for 30 min at The Generator. We are ordering sandwiches tomorrow! Jeme mentioned the question of meeting a quorum? We need 10% of membership to meet. Jean determined that we had enough people present to vote on the proposed member build. Update Ignites!

  Matt F.-Nightmare VT.  The motor and stand are built.  October 1st is deadline.  

Lucie and Karen: Interactive Halloween Garden on October 24th and 25th at Generator.

Lucie and Gary: Raspberry Pi kit is set up in electronics lab with weekly challenge. Sense hat for raspberry pi is in the electronics area.

Jim and Brook: Champbot identity revealed. It will be at the maker fair

October 3rd Makey Makey interactive weeknight. Details coming

Sears Lane Layout:

Discussion was centered around common open workspace. Please take a look at the most recent version (dated 9/9) to see the available space for arranging studios and open workspace. Studio buildout will be a member volunteer project.

Questions posed about the current design of the space: -How much usable common workspace is there in the design? -Is there any sound suppression/enclosure for the jewelry studio? -Could the classroom receive an inner partition to allow for two classes at once or a class and member use simultaneously. -Where are cabinets in classroom (located below waist level around the perimeter. -Potential movable/pop out extension walls for classroom? -Where is bike storage? -Where is server rack?

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