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Agenda for Monday 9/11/17

Meetings occur every second Monday monthly.

Member Facilitators: Jean Cherouny, Josh Thompson (absent for this meeting)

Attendees: Please sign-in on Clipboard in the Learning Lab( Jean typed without clipboard sign-up, sorry)

If you would like to add items to the agenda or correct the minutes please edit them on the wiki. The link to this document is here:


5-5:30 Nacho Night!

We provide Plates and Chips approximately 2.9 people per bag. AS wallace has told me there is a great tradition of this from his life in Texas! Bring Seltzer or Wine sangria!

Jean: (Clear tables in Learning Lab)

4-8 Member Share Night. You can feel free to set up in LL or Community space. Bring in your Projects and share! Confirmed member shares: Jon Bondy (Stirling Engines) and others.

Jean: Print agenda and minutes, sign-up sheet, set-up projector, chairs, Google hangout.


Sign in on our attendance sheet.

Click link below for Google Hangout.

This was running if people want to attend from Jean's laptop.

We need to get a dedicated hardware for hangouts or live transcriptions, to be viable for attendees.

5:30 Call to Order
Member Business

Welcome with Member introductions. List names here.

5:40 Directors Report (Chris Thompson)

5:50 Proposal Reviews

-Brook $300 for Library Self and weather station for City Market and Trebuchet

6:10 Updates on Member Allocated Projects

Community Building

There will be an easel set up for writing down member ideas for new meetups/collaboration. Feel free to write on it.

Brook- Restorative Justice Report with Anna Stevens

6:45 Wrap up and bleed into common area for social and more sharing.

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