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Agenda for Monday 9/11/17

Meetings occur every second Monday monthly.

Member Facilitators: Jean Cherouny, Josh Thompson (absent for this meeting)

Attendees: Please sign-in on Clipboard in the Learning Lab( Jean typed without clipboard sign-up, sorry)

If you would like to add items to the agenda or correct the minutes please edit them on the wiki. The link to this document is here:


5-5:30 Nacho Night! We wil do pizza too because of the celebration of the Art Hop!

We provide plates and tortilla chips, approximately 2.9 people per bag. As Wallace has told us there is a great tradition of this from his life in Texas! Bring Seltzer or Wine sangria! Maybe we can keep this tradituion going?

Jean: (Clear tables in Learning Lab)

4-8 Member Share Night. You can feel free to set up in LL or Community space. Bring in your Projects and share!

Jean: Print agenda and minutes, sign-up sheet, set-up projector, chairs, Google hangout.


Sign in on our attendence sheet.

Click link below for Google Hangout.

This was running if people want to attend from Jean's laptop.

We need to get a dedicated hardware for hangouts or live transcriptions, to be viable for attendees.

5:30 Call to Order
Member Business

Welcome with Member introductions. List names here.

5:40 Directors Report (Chris Thompson) Please bring ideas, feedback, questions, suggestions to discuss.

5:50 Proposal Reviews. Available funds are $1750.68

-Brook $300 for Library Self and weather station for City Market and Trebuchet

6:10 Updates on Member Allocated Projects.

Precious Plastics 5 min

CNC Machinable Wax-Kyle Werner 5min

Mold Making-Foundry, Ryan Melshenker 5min

Community Building

There will be an easel set up for writing down member ideas for new meetups/collaboration. Feel free to write on it.

Brook- Restorative Justice Report with Anna Stevens. 5 min

6:45 Wrap up and bleed into common area for social and more sharing.

Thank you!

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